woman reaching into the fridge and picks up a bell pepper
Keep your fridge clean if you want your food to stay fresh for longer.

Clean The Back And Bottom
Remember to clean the back and bottom of the fridge regularly. Use a dry towel for the exterior, and a soft towel, mild detergent, and clean water for the interior. Be careful not to splash water directly on the fridge, especially on any light or electrical panels.

Clean Doors
Wipe doors, including the edges, weekly with a damp cloth with mild dishwashing liquid and water. Be fussy with areas around the handles, which harbours sticky fingerprints. Every quarterly, clean the door seals with hot water and mild dishwashing liquid and dry with a clean cloth. Always check that the seal fits properly.

Wipe Up Spills Immediately
Spilled oil or seasoning? Clean it ASAP as stains that set may crack the plastic shekeves! Alcohol, some oils like banana oil, and soap powder can also damage the plastic components.

Replace Old Fridges
If your fridge breaks down, considering replacing it if the cost of repair is half the price of a new model. It is also more economical to get rid of your 20-year-old fridge – even if it’s running well – for a newer, more energy-saving machine.

Text: Eliza Hamizah, Home & Décor, February 2016 / Additional Reporting: Sylvia Ong
Photo: 123RF.com

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