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From letting you see how paint colours will look on your walls, to keeping your wall decor aligned, these five home-related apps are designed to make your life easier:


1. Dulux Visualizer SG

Want to see how a paint colour looks on your walls without the hassle of actually painting it? This app uses augmented reality (AR) technology to let you experiment with dozens of colours, so you can see how each shade will look in your home. Simply hold your phone up to the wall of choice, and tap on whatever colour you like. Now the only trouble you’ll have is having to decide which shade of white or blue or grey works best!

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2. iHandy Level Free

Want to hang art, photographs on the wall? One of the most frustrating things that often happens is when you think you’ve done a good job but the frame just looks sliiightly  (or a lot) slanted. Same goes with shelves, wall hooks and bike saddles. This easy-to-use app can help with picture alignment, can measure angles, inclinations and more to keep your home decor and furnishings level. All you need to do is calibrate your smartphone and look forward to no more slanted and misaligned pieces!

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3. HomeZada

Essentially a digital home inventory that helps you keep track of your fixed assets like air-conditioning unit and water heater, property documents such as insurance, mortgage and tax, as well as everything in your home from furniture to electronics. It helps identify things that need regular maintenance, and you can organise your home according to room to make things easier.

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4. Qanvast Interior Design

If you’re just moving into a new home or thinking of renovating, this Singapore-based app can help link you up with dozens of interior designers. You can read reviews, view portfolios and even get a free quotation for your own home to suit your budget. It’s a great place to get inspiration for your ideal home!

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