An image of a clothesline full of hanging rompers has the internet in a spin. Rather than using pegs, the onesies have been hung upside down using their own snaps to secure them to the drying rail.

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The image was shared to Facebook page Nubs & Bumps with a caption: “Omg why did no one tell me about this hack sooner!”

It resonated. The post has been shared over 30,000 times and has over 56,000 comments.

While some commenters claimed the hack was old news and something they had been doing for years, there were other more vocal commenters in the “what the?” camp.

Do You Agree With This Hack For Hanging Baby Clothes
Photo: Nups & Bumps’ Facebook page

“I feel like a parent didn’t think of this!”

Anyone who has wrestled a human into a onesie knows that the snaps can be a huge pain. The idea of navigating their use on wet laundry didn’t sound that appealing to most commenters.

One dad chimed in with: “I find this hard enough to do 3 of the little snap buttons up when installing correct way up on a small child, this I believe would be physically impossible for any male to do consecutively for that many onesies!! Give me pegs!”

This diplomatic reader agreed that in theory the idea was good, however practically it might be lacking: “Looks like it’s a great idea … but actually way more work to be doing up all those domes etc … then undoing them all when dry…ain’t nobody got time for that! Lol (specially new mum’s!)

Another reader was outraged: “Who wants to stand there and clip up all those press studs! I get agro just clipping them up when I put clothes on my baby let alone to clip a hundred of them just to hang the washing out!”

Others were simply confused: “I’m so confused. This isn’t a “hack” who the h*ll has time for this? I feel like a parent didn’t think of this…”

What do you think? Pegs seem like they would be quicker, no? Do you have a better laundry hack?

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Text: Rebel Wylie, Bauer