Love making delicious, healthy and quick meals, but always feel pressed for time? Beyond smoothie-making, the new Bosch VitaBoost high performance blender MMBH6P6B is also a versatile kitchen tool that takes the guesswork out of pureeing vegetables, preparing ice cream and soups, and more. It comes with a handy recipe book featuring over 30 recipes plus healthy eating tips, so you can steer you and your family toward better, more nutritious meals.

TEST: Is it easy to use and clean?

You don’t have to worry about complicated functions and dials, as all the buttons and levers are clearly indicated which makes operating the VitaBoost so easy and fuss-free. At the touch of a button, choose from six automatic programmes including smoothies, shakes, soups, sauce, ice cream and a convenient cleaning function. In addition, it features variable speed settings and a pulse function lever. Parts of the appliance are also dishwasher safe.

TEST: How powerful is it?

The VitaBoost is equipped with a powerful 1,600 W motor with over 30,000 revolutions per minute, which works to efficiently pulverise your ingredients and help you meet your daily vitamin requirement in less time. Plus, its large, two-litre jug is ideal for bigger portions, so you can feed your whole family or make extra to keep.

TEST: How smoothly does it blend? Can it handle tough ingredients?

It’s fitted with six strong, high quality stainless steel blades that are wellable to effectively process virtually any type of fruit and vegetables, even fibrous ones like kale, and produce fine and creamy results. Its strong Tritan jug can even handle raw ingredients for making hot soup. For frozen ingredients and thicker mixtures, it comes with a nifty tamper that makes the blending so much easier.

TEST: Is it safe?

Rest assured that the Tritan blender jug which sits on a sturdy base is made with highly durable, shatterproof BPA-free plastic, and is free of any taste and odours.


The robust Bosch VitaBoost Blender MMBH6P6B makes light work of meal prep and processing ingredients, which makes conjuring up healthy drinks and other pureed treats a breeze, saving you precious time and energy in the kitchen.

See the Bosch VitaBoost in action below, plus hear what our testers had to say about it:

The Bosch VitaBoost Blender MMBH6P6B, at $649, is available at leading electronic stores.

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