Five years ago, Schubert Ho and Annie Chan had one humble mission: to help others envision and realise their dream homes. With sixteen years of industry experience under their belts and a passion for design, the husband-and-wife team set out to start up an interior design firm that would make their vision come to life. Thus, Anhans Interior Design was born.

Designing a brand new space or remodelling a home can be daunting for the uninitiated – something every interior designer knows well enough. That’s why Anhans (sounds like ‘enhanced’) Interior Design is committed to making the renovation process a positive experience for all homeowners. From designing to building, the team helps clients navigate every step of the journey: consultation, space planning, site surveys, turnkey projects, defect checks and complete project management. “Home renovation is stressful enough as it is,” design director Mr Ho explains. “With our team being involved in the entire design process from conceptualisation to completion, our clients can rest easy.”

Over the last five years, Anhans Interior Design has built up an impressive portfolio of projects, varying from cosy two-bedroom apartments to penthouses, three-storey terrace houses and commercial spaces in Singapore and Malaysia. With every project, the team takes a careful and considered approach to design – placing an emphasis on functionality, efficiency and clever space planning. Whether in a residential, commercial or corporate space, Anhans Interior Design realises the importance of seamlessly integrating design with their clients’ lifestyles. “Every client is different,” Ho notes, “but our objective always remains the same: to bring them comfort and improve the spaces where they live, work, relax or entertain.”

Collaboration is a key philosophy, one that they have cultivated over the last five years. The team works closely with clients to bring their vision to life – budget notwithstanding. In addition, they also tap into a pool of trusted contractors and suppliers to ensure high standards of craftsmanship. Ultimately, Anhans Interior Design regards their passion for design as an art, and every project as an opportunity to create dream spaces for their clients.

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