cute wooden toy boy with a wooden refrigerator with door open
Buying a refrigerator is no small deal. In fact, it’s likely the most used appliance in the home.

A technology where cool air is circulated to eliminate moisture from freezer and refrigerator compartments, to prevent frost from forming on foods, as well as on the inside walls. This feature also helps to lower power consumption.

“Inverter Technology”
Just like in aircons, the inverter technology monitors the temperature within the fridge and adjusts the compressor’s operation speed to minimise energy use.

“Ideal Temperature”
Each type of food requires a different temperature. For fresh produce, it’s four to seven deg C; egg, three to four deg C; dairy, two to four deg C; meat and poultry, zero to one deg C; fish and shellfish, minus one to one deg C.

Type of refrigerator where the freezer is on top. This vary in size, from a small compartment to a 50-50 split.

These have freezers at the bottom that usually come in the form of pull-out drawers. They are typically more expensive than top-mounts, and have a larger refrigeration portion.

These large types offer organised storage and shelves for refrigerator and freezer sections.

These by definition, have a side-by-side top with a bottom freezer. It gives you a good view of most foods, shelves and crisper at eye level. However, there is a lack of organised storage space.

Text: Elizah Hamizah, Home & Decor, March 2016 /Additional Reporting: Sylvia Ong
Pic: Pixabay