Have you ever been to a bathroom in a mall or hotel where the lighting is either too dim or too harsh, casting shadows on your face? Having a well-lit bathroom makes all the difference for when you’re spending hours there a week grooming yourself. Here, we show you the most common types of bathroom lightings and where to install them to achieve your desired illumination:

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Where: Beside the mirror

If possible, go for this as it gives the best lighting — both task and accent — while minimising shadows. Fixtures, such as wall sconces, should be installed on both sides for design symmetry and even illumination. Position them at face-height.

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Where: Above the mirror

Align the diffusers with the centre of the mirror. This helps to reflect the light evenly and minimise shadows on your face. It’s best to choose a fixture that is white or neutral-coloured for the most accurate colour rendering. Pick a diffuser with a translucent or frosted shade (whether with an open or closed design), rather than one with clear glass, so the bare bulb doesn’t cause a harsh glare.

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Where: On the mirror

This surface-mounted style is good for more minimalist looks and keeps the walls clear. Just ensure that the fixture is positioned such that it does not block your reflection. The light should also have a nice finishing throughout, and not just in front, as its back will be reflected in the mirror.

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Where: Ceiling recessed

This is integrated into the ceiling and creates flattering ambient lighting, but is not great as task lighting (for applying makeup, for example) because of the downward-cast shadows. Rather than having the light centred above the vanity, position it close to the wall and above the mirror to minimise shadows on your face. Align and space out more than one light, to help even out the illumination.

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Text: Louisa Clare Lim, Home & Decor
Additional Reporting: Elizabeth Liew