spinning ceiling fan
Like a standing or desk fan, a ceiling fan collects dust and grime.

How To Clean
Using a damp rag to wipe blades can cause dust to rain all over the house. So clean fan blades by sliding a damp pillowcase for mess-free results. For blades that are made of organic material such as bamboo (like the Haiku fans), do not use water or cleaning liquids as this can cause mould growth.

When To Service
If you notice your fan is noisy or wobbly, it is due to incorrect installation. Contact your installer or electrician to fix the problem.

When To Replace
Consider buying a new fan when your fan blades start drooping. This typically happens to fans with blades made of thin metal sheets.

Text: Eliza Hamizah, Home & Decor, March 2016/ Additional Reporting: Sylvia Ong
Photo: Pixabay