lemon in water
Homemade cleaning products are also effective in getting rid of dirt, grime and mould; and doesn’t harm your health. (Photo: Pixabay)

Vinegar And Clove Oil
Vinegar is excellent for cleaning windows and a few drops of clove oil is great for treating mould. You can make your own shower and bathroom spray to clean tiles using these.

Bicarbonate Soda
It can be used for everything from killing mould to deodorizing your fridge and toilet, unblocking drains and cleaning bathtubs and sinks. Make a thick paste with a little water and about a quarter of a cup of bicarb. Use it to wipe down surfaces, then clean with a damp cloth. For stinky or clogged sinks, pour a quarter of a cup of bicarb down the drain, then follow with half a cup of vinegar.

Lemon or Orange Peel
Don’t throw the peels away. Its oil adds additional cleaning power and aroma to homemade cleaning solutions. For an all-purpose cleaning spray, submerge orange and/or lemon peels completely in salt and vinegar in a glass jar. Let it sit for two weeks before you use. Use a sieve to separate peels from the solutions and dilute with some water.

Text: Sunny De Bruyn, Home & Décor, January 2016 / Additional Reporting: Sylvia Ong

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