Want your home to look spick and span? An untidy living space can increase your stress and anxiety, so take some time this month to reorganise and clear the clutter that’s accumulated over the past year, and freshen up your home to receive guests.

Follow our handy storage guide with helpful tips to get you started:

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Shelving units maximise upright space, come in vertical and horizontal designs, and can sit against the wall or act as a freestanding room divider. Consider the space available, the size of the items to be stored and the style that best suits your décor, then have fun artfully arranging objects.

Top tip: Be brutal. If you haven’t used something in a year, throw it out or donate it. The more often you cull, the easier you’ll find it. It’s more important to have meaningful items than lots of possessions.

Try these:

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Ladders are a clever design tool – a creative display solution that looks contemporary and saves space. Modern designs, with moveable lightweight frames, add style and dimension to dark and unused corners. Use them to hang towels in the bathroom or throws, linens and even magazines in a living room or bedroom.

Top tip: Engage in regular upkeep. Scan your bathroom cupboards and drawers for products past their use-by date or are no longer used. You’ll be amazed at how much space is taken up by old, unnecessary items.

Try these:

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Drawers are practical and come in a variety of designs, styles and colours to add a pop of personality to your room. Before buying, assess the amount of space the drawers should occupy and what you need to store in them to determine drawer size (small ones are great in kids’ rooms to compartmentalise little things). Opt for sturdy material such as wood, and choose a style that suits existing décor.

Top tip: Be positive. Remind yourself (and everyone else in your household, especially kids if you have them) that having an organised home and fewer things to tidy up each day means more time to play, socialise and relax.

Try these:

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The thought of an exposed wardrobe would freak most people out, but if you’re an organised sort with a small space, this urban solution looks great. If you have a regular wardrobe, allow as much hanging space as possible. Racks allow you to see items at a glance, shaving minutes off your getting-ready time in the morning, and improving your outfits!

Top tip: Bring in and take out. If you’re not a fan of clutter, this can work well as a general rule. For every new thing that comes into your home, try donating an old item.

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These clever creations come in every size, shape, material and colour imaginable, so you can always find the right fix for your storage woes. They’re the ultimate multi-taskers, serving as pot-plant holders, pantry organisers, toy boxes, linen baskets, shoe storage and more.

Top tip: Set an example. Teach your kids that it’s okay to make a mess, but they need to tidy up afterwards. Create places in their rooms for belongings so they know where things live, and can help put them away.

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Home office organisers arrange admin, eliminate piles of paper and help avoid missed bill payments. Trays, baskets, stationery holders and vertical files clear your desk of clutter while storage cubbies, pockets, pinboards and calendars make use of walls.

Top tip: Start a system. Have an inbox basket for unopened mail, a basket in which to file bills to pay and a paper recycle bin for junk mail. Scan documents and receive bills by email to save even more space.

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The latest ones are so cool you’ll want to keep them on display. Place those you love on exposed shelving, then use stackable canisters in the pantry, lidded containers in junk drawers and labelled containers for baking and dried goods. Buy tall containers that will fit on the top shelf of your pantry – a space that often goes to waste. Keep cleaning products all in the same place with cute, easy-care bins.

Top tip: De-clutter by category. Start with small jobs in an area where you’ll see immediate results – this will inspire you to keep going.

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