Domestic Diva Cooking Masterclass 2017 wefie
The Weekly’s Editor-in-Chief Barbara Koh takes a large wefie with everyone before the cooking begins!

Held on April 8 and 9 at Allspice Institute, this year’s Domestic Diva Cooking Masterclass brings back the fun of cooking with friends and family as our participants came in pairs and more to learn how to create four dishes from Chef Anuk Kumar and Chef Tadao Fujisaki – Rejuvenate Detox Juice + Thai Veggie Croquette with Honey Cilantro Chutney; Brown Rice Spaghetti with Japanese Dashi Sauce Served with Katsu Chicken; and Jasmine Rice Pudding with Strawberry Panna Cotta.

Everyone also got to experience cooking with a selection of the products from Philips, Royal Umbrella, San Remo and StarWellness which won our Domestic Diva Awards 2017.

Enjoy these photos below which captured the energy and excitement of the two-day event and we hope to see you again at next year’s cooking masterclass!

Smile, You Are At Domestic Diva Cooking Masterclass 2017!

A Showcase Of Award-Winning Products From Domestic Diva Awards 2017

Ready, Get Set, Let’s Cook!

Fabulous Food With Creative Plating

Congratulations To All Our Lucky Draw Winners!

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Text: Sean Tan / Photos: Nyen

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