You might associate Lego with the massive pain that comes with stepping on one of the building blocks left scattered on the floor, but the Danish toy production company is set to change that with some pretty cool collabs.

It has recently teamed up with various brands, from furniture behemoth Ikea to sportwear brand Adidas and clothing label Levi’s to drop playful tie-ups that even the grown-ups will want to get their hands on.

Ikea: Bygglek Collection

Credit: IKEA

We reckon the kids will be a lot more into tidying up with the Bygglek collection, a tie-up between Ikea and Lego. The series of boxes, each fitted with Lego studs, also has surfaces that can be build directly upon with Lego blocks.

The collection comprises one set of three small boxes and two sets of larger boxes that can be used as building platforms, for storage, and to display your Lego sculptures. And for that, there’s also a 201-piece brick set so you and your kids can to creating an imaginary Lego world.

“Bygglek is more than just a box filled with bricks. The oversized
white storage device is also a launchpad for your imagination,” says Lego designer Rasmus Buch Løgstrup.

Prices start from $19.90, and the Bygglek Collection is set to arrive in Singapore in early 2021.

Adidas Originals

Sneakerheads can look forward to a bold new addition to their sneaker rotation with the Lego X Adidas Originals team-up. While details have yet to be released, Lego has offered a sneak peek with a special unboxing video, so you can probably expect a full release soon.

Credit: LEGO

Part of Adidas’ ongoing A-ZX sproject, it’s decked in Lego’s signature brick colours of bold green, blue, yellow and red, and Lego studs have apparently been worked into the design, too.


Not much has been revealed about this partnership, save for a teaser that suggests that LEGO x Levi’s is a thing.

According to Hypebeast, the line-up could possibly include a denim jacket, hoodies, T-shirts, a trucker cap, and a hip bag. Key items are also said to have small LEGO plates attached so you can affix actual Lego blocks.

The collection is said to drop on September 10.