Photo: Pixabay

The idea of not washing your jeans might seem a little unappealing to most people but this can actually help maintain the pair’s original denim wash. Not washing them for as long as possible will prevent the breaking down of the denim fibres, and also helps preserve the denim wash and the stiffness of the fabric.

You might find that frequent washes in the machine can cause the dye of your jeans to fade or even soften the fabric, hence losing the important features of why you bought them in the first place. Losing its colour, whether it being dark indigo or a tie-dyed baby blue, is definitely not what you want after spending more than a hundred dollars on your desired denim wash.

In order to maintain some order of cleanliness, wipe your jeans with a damp cloth to remove stains. If you find that your jeans are starting to smell, air them outside in the sun for a day or two. If you still feel like your jeans are too dirty to be worn, turn them inside out and soak them in cold water and a little bit of soap.