Singapore Homeowners Share Their Best Home Appliance Buys

With the numerous home appliances in the market, it can be hard to make a choice when it comes to choosing gadgets for your home. For ones that could potentially make your busy life a tad easier, who better to ask than those who’ve tested and tried them? We ask real homeowners for their fave home appliance buys worth the splurge. Keep scrolling.

1 Bosch HBF134BS0K Built In Stainless Steel Convection Oven

Photo: Bosch

I bought a Bosch built-in oven for baking, and most importantly, wanted one with a good high heat setting and even heat distribution. I was obsessed with baking pizzas and my old oven failed to meet all of the above. It goes up to 275C (my old oven only went up to 250C), distributes heat evenly, and there’s also a pizza setting available!

– Gen Tan, 37

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2 Roborock robot vacuum cleaner

Photo: Amazon

I got my Roborock S7 two years ago. There is scheduled cleaning so I don’t have to remember to manually perform the daily cleaning routine.

We also use it for targeted cleaning. For instance, we can activate the robot cleaner for only the living and dining rooms after our guests leave after a dinner session. Maintaining it is also pretty easy but newer versions are even better. You just need to change the dust bag and do not need to clean the mop manually.”

– Mr Loh, 35

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3 Samsung 55″ OLED TV 4K S95B

Photo: Samsung

“Our go-to brand for TVs is Samsung, and we just got one of its 55″ OLED TVs. I value colour grading and I always need to have a TV that reflects true black — it has to be the darkest black! Since my windows are full-length, I like one that reduces light reflected on the screen and one that also doesn’t pick up reflections too easily.”

– Jackie T, 37

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4. Air Cedar CF4000C

Photo: Zero2.5 

My husband has quite a lot of sinus issues and sometimes has trouble with a stuffy nose at night. The ioniser has helped reduce those issues. We got it because it’s compact enough to fit on his nightstand, plus it’s much more aesthetically pleasing compared to standard air purifiers. The fibers act as electrodes that then zap the pollutants in the air. The downside is that it turns them into actual dust which falls down around the ioniser itself so we need to wipe the area.

– Melody Bay, 33

5. Steigen Solar Pro (Gen 1)

Photo: Steigen/Instagram

My four-room flat doesn’t get much sunlight, so getting an automated laundry rack was a necessity. I considered other brands but ultimately decided on Steigen because of the sleek design and colour options. Best.decision.ever. Clothes get dry in a matter of three to four hours (and bedlinen in about six hours). Musky smells (when I’m short on time and leave the clothes in the washer for a tad too long) disappear after drying thanks to the Solar Ions technology. And the best part — no need to worry when it rains.

– Melissa Lim, 32

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6. Philips All-in-One 8500 Series steam iron

Both steamer and iron, it comes with an adjustable powerful steam that gets wrinkles and creases out pretty easily — and even if it doesn’t, I can press it on the ironing board; I usually use it upright without needing to adjust the angle, although doing that is simple enough too. The water unit and iron can be detached as well, and be used to steam curtains, sofas, or mattresses.

The downside is that it takes a while for the steam to come on. It also has a higher price tag, and the base takes up more floor space, but I’d say it’s worth it for the functions.

– Vanessa Tan, 27

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