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Picture this: your child is back from school and asking you for a snack to tide them over ‘til the next meal  — what’s the first thing you grab? As adults, snacks to us are a mere afterthought, something that boosts our energy for a short while to get us through the day. But for kids, snacks can play a significant role in their overall nutrition

While most parents would love the idea of feeding their children well-thought-out, homemade snacks, a busy schedule might not permit them the time to prep that out in advance. This is why it’s so important to keep different types of tasty and nutritious snacks on hand, especially ones that offer a blend of nutrients, like protein, fibre, and healthy fats to keep your child well-energised. 

One such snack that fits the bill is nuts and dry fruits. And if you don’t have the time to pick out your own trail mix for your child, you can always pop into the store to stock up on a couple of packets. But with so many different brands selling baked nuts, how do you know which brand to pick from the next time you’re at the supermarket for a grocery run? 

Well, Nature’s Wonders is a brand definitely worth trying out. A well-known household brand that’s beloved by parents, Nature’s Wonders products have no preservatives, no added salt, no trans fat and is naturally cholesterol free, making it a healthy snack for the entire family.

If you’re looking for a yummy selection that encompasses all of nature’s finest, The Royal Mix has a combination of lightly baked premium macadamia, cashew, almond, pistachio kernels, walnuts and dried cranberries. It also comes with resealable packaging and a separate pack of fruits within the pack to retain the taste & freshness of nuts — making it super convenient to toss it into your child’s bag for those busy school days!

Nature’s Wonders products are available in all leading supermarkets and online retailers

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