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Without a doubt, high heels look great – but they also create extra pressure on the front of the foot, lower back, knees and calves. High heels can also cause blisters, bunions and nerve damage in your foot from excess pressure on the toes, and a painful foot deformity at the heel called a heel spur. Regular wear can also lead to tight calf muscles, which can lead to an inflamed Achilles tendon in the back of your leg – so how do you prevent all this?

1. Wear walking shoes on your way to the office and slip on your heels at your desk, or when you go to a client meeting. 

2. Don’t walk in high heels for longer than three hours a day.

3. Opt for kitten heels if you cannot stand wearing flats. The ideal heel height for everyday wear is 2-3cm.

Amali Jewel Fuschia Patent
Heels, $139, from Clarks.

4. Stretch your calves for 30 seconds for each leg for three times a day.

You may stand on a book or a sturdy box and step with your heels dangling over the edge. Stretch your heels down so that they touch the floor.


5. Opt for a platform sole as it creates more stability and reduces pressure on the base of the foot.

Heels, $56.90, from Charles & Keith.

6. Check the heel angle.

Even if both shoes have the same height of heel, the shoe with the longer sole will be more comfortable because it distributes your weight over a wider area. So now, you can buy high heels online and know that they are more likely to be comfortable.

heelagnle2 Heel angle1

7. Look out for shoes with a wider toe box, the part of the shoe at the front where your toes go.


All things being equal, heels with a wider toe box will be more comfortable than heels with a narrow toe box, as the wider area allows your foot to spread slightly to distribute your body weight. Very pointy toe caps can cause hammer toes where the toes are bent permanently downwards.

Fashion darling Victoria Beckham admitted to having foot surgery done in 2009 to treat her bunions, as a result of wearing heels too often.The designer also stated she can’t work in heels anymore, and have now turned to a sportier choice – chic sneakers to get through the busy day.

Photos: TPG, Pixabay, @victoriabeckham