The Domestic Diva Awards 2021

We’ve all been working from home for more than a year now, and we’ve observed how our priorities have changed with time. As we’ve adapted to our new normals, how we cook, bake, organise and even clean have become more important than ever, as we desire to create a harmonious space where we can both work and play.

For our Domestic Diva 2021 Awards, besides handy helpers like the best kitchen appliances and pantry essentials, we’ve also decided to shine the spotlight on products that have gained in popularity, like smart home devices (#WFH essential!) to meat-free alternatives. All the winning picks featured have our stamp of approval and vote of confidence.

P.S. After checking out our winners’ list, don’t forget to bookmark all the articles packed with great tips on keeping your home clean, happy and well-run.  

~ Elizabeth Lee, Editor