School For Life

What will my children’s future hold? How can I give them the best start? Recent changes to the curriculum at all levels of education mean less emphasis on exams, grades and class or cohort positions and more emphasis on soft skills, physical education, arts and nurturing the joy of learning. The PSLE will now be scored with wider bands and scores will reflect the student’s individual performance. Children will not only get more time to enjoy sports, CCAs, music and dance, they’ll get the chance to develop soft skills like collaboration, resilience and flexibility. 

And it’s not just children who’ll be challenged to keep learning – lifelong learning is going to be a fact of life for us all. Lifelong learning is where you are learning something new every day – big or small. It might be learning software for work, or learning a new hobby or mastering a new recipe. No matter how small or big, it is something you did not know yesterday. To help, we’ve found places you can pick up fun new hobbies for free, and how to get paid to study. We’ve also got expert tips on how to help your kids develop the vital soft skills they’ll need to thrive. 

This special content hub is called #SchoolForLife, because lifelong learning is not just about gaining knowledge, it’s about gaining a sense of mastery over your life. We hope these articles help you and your family find the joy of learning every day.

– Tara Barker, Contributing Editor