The braided pony is a stylish look for all occasions. Dress it up with accessories or wear the classic look on its own.

Step 1: Spritz a texturising spray to boost volume and hold.

Step 2: Curl sections to create more volume.

Step 3: Decide on your parting. Go for a different parting from the norm if you wish to change it up.

Step 4: Separate three sections of hair at the top and begin.

Step 5: Start by crossing the right section over the centre section.

Step 6: Cross the left section over the section of hair that has been crossed over earlier.

Step 7:  Now cross the hair section on the right over the centre section.

Step 8: And cross the left section of hair over it.

Step 9: Repeat steps 5,6,7 till the end.

Step 10: Secure your braided ponytail with a hair tie and you’re done!

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