Cutting up a whole chicken can be intimidating, but those who do would know how much money and meat can be saved by simply doing it on your own. All it takes is knowing which areas to start from so the whole process doesn’t get confusing.

Watch the video above for our step-by-step demonstration on how to chop up a chicken. Here’s also a guide you can come back to whenever you need to get the knife out:

Step 1: Chop off the neck, then slice down the middle to open the chicken up. Flip the chicken over and cut the chicken into halves.

Step 2: On one half, separate the thigh and the breast. On the other half, cut away the spine and split the thigh away from the breast.

Step 3: On both halves, cut off the drumsticks. Debone the thigh using a smaller knife.

Step 4: Chop the thigh meat into even pieces. Do the same for the other side. Plate.

Step 5: With the smaller knife, debone both drumsticks, then chop into even pieces and plate them.

Step 6: Separate the wing from the chicken breast. Flip the chicken breast over and carefully remove all the bones inside. Discard the bones at the joint of the wing.

Step 7: Slice the remaining chicken breast into even pieces. Plate.

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