Want to serve up roast chicken at your next family gathering? Chef Julius shows you the right way to tie up the bird, in order to help it roast more evenly in the oven. Here are all the steps:

Step 1: Chop off the neck of the chicken.

Step 2: Chop off the feet of the chicken (keep them to use as stock!).

Step 3: Cut about 100 cm of kitchen string (it’s fine if it’s a little longer).

Step 4: Tuck the chicken wing tips beneath the chicken.

Step 5: Position the chicken breast side up and legs towards you.

Step 6: Place the string beneath the tailbone.

Step 7: Loop each end of the string around the legs. Reverse the string to make a cross.

Step 8: Repeat the process in order to make a double knot.

Step 9: Pull the ends of the string forward.

Step 10: Loop the string around the chicken and over the wings.

Step 11: Flip the chicken over, with the neck facing you.

Step 12: Pull the string tight and secure with a knot.

Step 13: Trim off the excess string.