Craving for a thick creamy loaded milkshake? You don’t have to head to a fast food joint — making your own isn’t just satisfying, it could also be healthier too. This recipe is a healthier version of the ‘freakshake’, and uses sugar-free ingredients or ones without added sugar — for a touch of decadence, for instance, we’ve used sugar-free dark chocolate and unsweetened chocolate spread.

The addition of avocados makes it a good choice for those looking to reduce blood sugar levels. Low in carbs but high in fibre, avocados do not significantly impact blood sugar. In place of whipped cream , we’ve also included Elmlea’s ‘Alternative To Cream’  — great for anyone who needs to restrict high dairy content and maintain lower insulin levels. There’s also unsweetened soy milk. This lactose-free option contains carbohydrates but does avoid spiking blood sugar levels.

Video: Trish Caddy