Frozen prata can be used in a myriad of ways, from pies to puffs and even pizza.

But how about mooncakes? Taking inspiration from the Teochew-style flaky mooncakes, here’s our cheat sheet for making your own with ready-made prata. We’ve got two delicious kid-friendly recipes: a luscious Ferrero Rocher brownie confection and another one stuffed with the more traditional red bean paste and sweet potato (an alternative to salted egg yolk).

The ingredients are readily available, from the Ferrero Rocher, to store-bought brownies, with the exception of red bean paste, which can likely be found in baking supply stores, select supermarkets, or online.

Cooking tip: Flour the table with plain flour when handling the prata to prevent it from becoming too sticky and floppy as it defrosts at room temperature. It’s optional to use a mooncake mould to help shape the stuffed prata into a square, and note that the pattern does not stay after baking.

Video: Trish Caddy