Meal prep can be a nutritious and cost-saving option when it comes to workday lunches.

And it doesn’t have to be blah — spice it up with aromatic spices and flavourful sauces. You can also tweak certain ingredients so you don’t end up eating the exact same thing each day. This one-pan meal features chicken, rice, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers. To switch things up, we’ve also included a Mexican-inspired sweet chilli sauce to pair with canned kidney beans, as well as a five-spice sauce to go with blanched pak choi.

This freezer-friendly recipe can be made well in advance and heated up when it’s time to eat. Make a batch and divide it for each day of the week, or you can split with it the kids for their school lunch box, too. Bonus: It’s a tasty way to eat multiple servings of vegetables at once.

Video: Trish Caddy