Whether for you to stay focused at work or for the kiddos prepping for exams (especially now that the PSLE is here), these healthy breakfast ideas will help with stimulating and improving brain health. Bonus: you can make them up to three days ahead of time.

The first recipe’s for a Brain Booster bowl, which is chock-full of brain- and heart-healthy oats, as well as fruits and seeds. Oats are excellent sources of energy and packed with fibre to help keep kids feeling full (and keep them from snacking on junk food), while pumpkin seeds contain nutrients that are important for brain health. Pears are also known to protect the brain, the heart and fight diabetes.

The same recipe can be used to make yummy pancakes. All you have to do is add a few extra ingredients like an egg, vanilla extract, and baking powder, then blend to make the batter.

This recipe makes two large Brain Booster Bowls, or six or seven slices of Brain Booster Pancakes. You can also add oat milk to the breakfast bowl if the consistency’s too thick.

Video: Trish Caddy