Create your own lactation treats using galactagogues, which are natural ingredients that reportedly help increase breast milk production. In this video, we whip up two delicious recipes that breastfeeding mums can eat as daily treats.

This recipe yields 12 no-bake lactation bites, but by adding a few extra ingredients, you can make an additional 24 baked lactation cookies. The no-bake mixture can be pressed into an 8×8-inch baking dish and cut into bars, if desired.

Use this as a base recipe, but feel free to substitute the optional add-ins with other ingredients that are high in galactogogues, like almonds, raisins, and shredded coconut. The recipe also features easy-to-find healthy ingredients, including Brewer’s Yeast, which you can order on Lazada. It’s high in galactogues but may taste bitter – honey, chocolate, and dried figs can mitigate the bitterness. Or consider adding a pinch of salt for a sweet-salty combination that tingles your tastebuds.