There’s nothing quite like the luxury of starting the day off with a delicious breakfast in bed — and one made by the kids no less. If the children are asking what you’d like for Mother’s Day, just hand them this video recipe for a tray of goodies that’ll make your morning. And Dad can help too while you stay comfy under the covers.

This video features six recipes for a delicious spread that’s sure to bring on the smiles and are easy for mini ‘chefs’ to make too. To kick things off, there are a trio of recipes for layered smoothies that use three types of fruit and berry yoghurt drinks. Delicious on their own, they make for pretty concoctions when carefully layered. Make this drink first then set aside in the fridge. Add pineapple slices to garnish just before serving and drink within an hour.

What’s Mother’s Day without flowers? Fresh blooms are lovely of course, but we’ve also made these fun ones out of ham and mini sweet peppers. Chilli peppers add a kick, but you can also use mini sweet peppers for a non-spicy alternative.

And to make it a hearty meal, there’s the omelette roll-up, inspired by the Japanese-style tamagoyaki omelette. You don’t need a rectangular pan if you don’t have it either — we found that a round pan is just as good for making this simple omelette. You can even cut out pieces of ham to spell the word ‘MOM’ for an extra special touch. Heart- and flower-shaped cookie cutters can also be used to create ham decorations for extra cheer on this special occasion.

Video by Trish Caddy.