As part of our 20th Anniversary, The Weekly has joined hands with two brands in our bid to give back to society. And here’s our rallying cry – for you, our readers, to join us for Project: Help Anna to say “no” to violence and abuse.

Launched by the Singapore Committee for UN Women in 2006, Help Anna aims to raise awareness about the different types of violence that women of all backgrounds are exposed to by sharing narratives of true events, or stories inspired by true events.

The Singapore Committee for UN Women has also helped give scholarships and vocational training to more than 200 at risk women and girls, helping to hand back to them their confidence and self-worth.

To commemorate our 20th Anniversary this October, we’ve taken our vision of women supporting women one step further and made it easy for readers to come together with us to fight for a cause that puts a woman’s health and safety first.

Whether it’s buying a pretty pendant and necklace set from Singaporean jewellery designer Carrie K.; or enjoying a meal at O’Coffee Club, you can play a part in protecting women from violence.

Click below for more details on The Weekly‘s 20th Anniversary Collaborations:

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