If you’re wondering which skincare products are truly effective at the cellular level, look no further than the newest sensation from Japan to hit our shores: ORBIS U. The oil-free skincare range offers a minimalist but powerful three-step solution to deeply moisturise all layers of skin, resulting in a plump, radiant and youthful complexion.

Kick-start your skincare regime with ORBIS U Wash, a moisture-boosting foaming face wash, formulated with Key Porin Booster and Moroccan Lava Clay, to draw out impurities for clean and refreshed skin. Apply the ORBIS U Lotion, an award-winning lotion with a rich, watery texture that melts into a refreshing liquid upon contact with the skin and absorbs quickly for deep hydration. Complete the three-step regime with ORBIS U Moisture, which has anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturising properties to help protect skin from damaging threats.

What’s more, be one of the first to try ORBIS DEFENCERA, Japan’s first oral skincare product to be certified by the Japanese government health authorities for its safety and effectiveness in retaining skin moisture. Ten years in the making, the product passed a rigorous screening process involving a large group of participants to receive approval. The extremely rare, high-purity ceramides, also known as DF-Ceramides derived from brown rice in DEFENCERA work to signal the skin to produce more ceramides and prevent the skin’s moisture from escaping, making it beneficial for users with skin dryness concerns.

DEFENCERA’s effect is not only limited to the face, but extends to the rest of the body, including elbows, knees and heels which are prone to dryness and often neglected. In sachets of yuzu-citron flavoured powder that can be ingested easily without the accompaniment of any liquid, DEFENCERA is a new standard of skincare that surpasses the boundaries of age and gender.

We have 3 X ORIBS Skincare Hampers, worth $178 each, to give away!

The ORBIS Skincare Hamper includes:

  • ORBIS U Wash (120 g), $30
  • ORBIS U Lotion (180 ml), $45
  • ORBIS U Moisture (50 g), $49
  • ORBIS DEFENCERA (1.5 g x 30 sachets), $54

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