Beauty Tips Moonshot 2NE1 Sandara Park-Featured

#1 Good skin is the ultimate base

“I never go to bed with makeup on, always use sunscreen even when I’m home, keep my skin moisturised 24/7, and drink a lot of water frequently. I believe makeup can be completed when the skin is perfectly ready.”

#2 Cleansing is the most important

“A thorough cleansing is [of the utmost importance]. Gently exfoliate the skin
when needed and moisturise the skin deeply with mask sheet and/or moisturising cream. I
personally do not use too many [skincare products]. So I use Skin Fuel Cream as a moisturiser since it is really [cools down] moisturises my skin with fresh texture. During the day I use oil mist often times as it locks moisture in the skin longer than a water mist.”

#3 Always wear sunscreen

“[When I was a student], I once saw a picture of [two] hands with a long term experiment done. A person put sunscreen products on the back of one hand and kept the other one bare for years. There was a huge difference in ageing of the skin between the two hands, and it was shocking for me. So I put sunscreen products all the time, and I prefer the one that can be also used as a makeup primer like Multi Protection UV Bouncer as I can have a natural bare face with a subtle glow.”

#4 Multi-use products are her favourite

“I love to play with moonshot’s multi-use products since I can use them on my lips, cheeks, and eyes. To be specific, my top faves are Cream Paint in Peach Scone, and Jelly Pot in Bronze Champagne as they really suit me any occasion, any outfit. [sic]”

#5 Drink lots of water

“I drink a lot of water, probably too much I guess. But for me drinking water is the definitely the best way to moisturise my skin in a healthy way. Base makeup that gives [skin a glowy look would work if skin is dehydrated]. Also, my travel kit always has a mist inside it as I use it very often. When it comes to a mist, I prefer an oil mist since it can help lock in the moisture longer.”