1. Congee or Porridge
  2. Porridge With Apple Butter

Congee and porridge are usually things you eat when you’re sick but did you know, they’re good for hangovers too? This partly solid dish makes it easy to swallow and digest and hydrates you too!

The rice in your congee is usually simmered in a wholesome fish or chicken broth so you get your essential nutrients too.

2. Banana Oatmeal

20 Breakfast Foods To Eat For More Energy_Oatmeal

Bananas and oatmeal provide you with essential fibres and nutrients to get you back on track. Bananas also contain 75% water and are full of potassium. Oats also help to neutralise the acids in alcohol and raise your blood sugar levels properly.

3. Pho

6 Vietnamese Street Foods You Can Get In Singapore_PHO

Much like congee and porridge, pho has plenty of nutrients and water to hydrate and nourish your body with essential nutrients. Pho also contains some ginger and garlic that can help you reorientate from the nausea you might have.

4. Eggs

The Actual Omelette
(Photo: Pixabay)

Eggs contain plenty of lean proteins that can help you get back on track. The amino acids in eggs also breaks down alcohol better so you metabolise the ethanol faster too.

5. Spicy Foods

Spicy Fish Soup

They jolt your metabolism and makes you sweat out the toxins. According to Manuela Neuman, assistant professor of pharmacology at the University of Toronto, spicy food basically distracts your body from focusing on a hangover.

Text: Chan Rong Qian/Cleo Singapore 

Additional Reporting: Atika Lim