Brightening Facial
Shiseido Qi Facial, $170 for 80 mins
Shiseido Facial Studio, Tel: 6737 4943

Keep your dark spots and pigmentation in check with this facial that uses white serum to encourages skin regeneration and target excess melanin to brighten your skin from the inside.

Whitening Facial
BB White+Foundation Facial, $350 for 50 mins
Lush Aesthetics, Tel: 6737 4964

For a more brightened complexion, this whitening facial uses the MesoWhite Intensive Skin Whitening Formula to reduces appearance of pigmentation and wrinkles.

Clarifying Facial
Intensive Purifying Facial, $300 for 90 mins
DRx Medical Aesthetic Clinic and MediSpa, Tel: 6223 9555     

This classic facial with the newly added microdermabrasion step ensures a more thorough cleanse and deeper penetration of ingredients, leaving your skin with a softer texture and a brighter and even skin tone.

Calming Facial
Sensitive Pro Facial, $325 for 90 mins
Estetica, Tel: 6737 2234

Gentle massaging suited for even the most sensitive skin, this facial uses a combination of masks and serums to fight inflammation and also improves skin immunity.


Smoothing Facial
Nano Perfector, $280 for 90 mins
Caring Skin, Tel: 6737 7797

Staying true to its name, this treatment boosts your parched skin with deeply hydrating ingredients such as different forms of vitamins, that improves the skin texture.

Spot-Busting Facial
Pure Pulse Laser (PPP Style) with Deep Anti Pore Acne Programme, $388 for 80 mins
SkinPerfect, Tel: 6252 0188

This treatment combines the use of the DPL treatment to target acne and the Pure Pulse Laser to smooth out scars on your face to give an overall smoother appearance.

Blemish-Free Facial
Vitamin Anti-Inflammation Therapy, $250 for 60 mins
Healthsprings Laser and Aesthetics Clinic, Tel: 68368386

Get a customised vitamin concoction that is specifically created to suit the needs of your skin at this facial, which aims to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, scars and even wrinkles to give your skin a smooth complexion.

Pore-Refining Facial
Quintessential Facial, $374.50 for 120 mins.
Porcelain Face Spa, Tel: 6227 9692

Rejuvenate your skin with this treatment that starts with an extraction that cleans out your pores and finishes off with a specially concocted serum and watch your makeup glide on without a hitch.

Anti- Ageing Facial
AGE Smart ™ Professional Treatment, $288 for 120 mins
Orchidee, Tel: 6242 0313

This treatment starts off with several masks to prep your skin before using electrophoresis to intensify the penetration of products, giving you a relaxed yet glowing complexion.


Oil-Control Facial
IDS Advanced Acne Treatment Plus, $250 for 45 mins
IDS Clinic, Tel: 6568 3555

Oily skin can benefit from this clarifying facial to rid pores of impurities, unblock closed comedones and eradicate pimple-causing bacteria.

Line-Reducing Facial
KKUM Prestige Wrinkle-Lift Facial Treatment, $588 for 45 to 60 mins
Dream Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, Tel: 6871 8888

This improved facial taps on a new Korean facial chemical peel that smooths out wrinkles and finishes it off with a massage stimulate a more youthful-looking complexion.

Firming Facial
Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Treatment, $260 for 80 mins
Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge, Tel: 66901653

This five-step facial gives you the complete pampering session from a ginseng foot bath to a serum treatment, rejuvenating the skin to bring out the vitality within.

Slimming Facial
DrShape V Face Shaper, $196 for 30 mins
ClearSK, Tel: 6100 6868

Target the fat deposits responsible for sagging chin and cheeks with this treatment that employs the use of hot and cold ultrasound waves to destroy the fat cells that cause sagging to give your face a sharper and lifted shape.

Lifting Facial
Super Lifting Face Treatment, $350 for 85 mins
AsterSpring, Tel: 65011330

If you are looking to firm sagging skin, this treatment is just for you. Not only does it tone skin muscles, pores are also tightened and refined, giving you a smoother complexion.

Tightening Facial
Atlas Korean Skin Trio Lifting Program, $899 for 75 mins
Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetic Clinic, Tel: 6556 0829

If you are looking to lift and tighten your skin, this treatment does just that with state-of-the-art laser, followed by infusing peptide-rich oxygen into the skin for anti-ageing effects.        `              



Luxurious Facial
SK-II Perfecting Luxe Facial, $320 for 100 mins
SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus, Tel: 6836 9168

Harnessing the Bio-wave therapy, this anti-ageing facial targets all five dimensions of skin care to give you tightened and hydrated skin on your face and neck area. Recommended for those with dry to combination skin.

Rejuvenating Facial
Aqua Luminous Facial, $480 for 60 mins
Kowayo Aesthetics, Tel: 6884 4280

Starting with a deep cleanse, this treatment stimulates collagen production and uses electroporation to penetrate the serum into the skin, giving you skin a brighter and fairer glow.

Glowing Facial
Gorgeous Glow Facial, $170 for 60 mins
Away Spa, Tel: 6808 7290

With all natural ingredients such as aloe vera and sandalwood oils, this facial gently extracts toxins in the skin, while using a green clay mask to reduce inflammation.

Pampering Facial
CIM-Triple Action Facial, $388 for 60 mins
Lifespa, Tel: 6737 6766

The Camu Infusion Max Facial (CIM) uses camucamu fruit extracts which are high in vitamin C (50 times more than oranges) to brighten skin for a fairer and more even complexion.



Facial- Light Therapy(LED)
Jet Cell Restore, $180 for 45 mins
Jet Concepts, Tel: 6733 7055

Combining the effects of three different lights, red, blue and infra-red to power skin cells and stimulate collagen production, this light therapy treatment activates skin cells to bring out their full skin-saving benefits.

Organic Facial
Paid Skin Confidence Restore and Rejuvenate Facial , $180 for 90 mins
Pure Tincture Organic Beauty, Tel: 6222 0267

If you have been battling eczema, acne or hypersensitive skin without reaching a solution, this facial is the one for you. With organic content that contains natural anti-inflammatories and skin-healing ingredients, this is sure to soothe and calm your skin.

Power Lunch Facial
Facial in a Flash +, $65 for 30 mins
Skin Inc, Tel: 6536 6789
This three-step treatment recharges your skin with the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Treatment and throws in a shoulder massage all within the duration of your lunch break to get your glow back on.

Pre-Party Facial
Go Glow Facial, $294.25 for 60 mins
The Sloane Clinic, Tel: 6509 8108

Polish off dead skin cells with this intensive facial that is designed to resurface skin quickly yet gently. The combination of carefully selected masks ensure that your skin can breathe with confidence once again.

Red Carpet Facial
EstheClinic Glow to Go IPL Face Treatment, $165 for 15 to 20 mins
EstheClinic Singapore, Tel: 6254 9913

Go beyond the surface of your skin and treat through the dermis layer to fight the effects of pollution and stress on your skin with  this quick and painless treatment, that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.


Hydrating Facial
Intense Hydration Rejuvenate Facial, $169 for 60 mins
Purovel Spa & Sport at Swissotel Merchant Court, Tel: 6239 1732

Suited for all skin types, this intense hydration facial lifts and tones the face, enhancing contours while reducing wrinkles and fine lines, leaving you with a refreshing glow.

Facial-Gua Sha
Organic Imperial Guasha Facial,$188.32 for 75 mins
Healing Touch, Tel: 6737 0147

Be treated to the rediscovered ancient imperial beauty secret of Japanese guasha and watch your face contour transform after just one treatment. The ceramic Guasha board used in this treatment creates a natural lift and encourages skin renewal.

Facial- Microdermabrasion
Clifford Hydrafacial MD, for 60 mins
The Clifford Aesthetics, Tel: 65322400

For the time strapped woman, this non-surgical procedure provides the ultimate combination between cleansing and hydrating your skin to revitalize your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Facial- Stem Cell
Stem Cell Treatment, $368 for 120 mins
D’Skin Prestige, Tel: 6258 9388

This treatment focuses on firming the skin with the Photo Stem Cell Concentrate, that is a mix of fruit stem cells that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and stimulates healthy cell renewal.

Oxygenating Treatment
Triple Oxygen Heaven, $235.40 for 60 mins
The Sloane Clinic, Tel: 6509 8108

Starting off with a jet spray of oxygen and vitamins, this facial’s triple oxygen attack on the skin will revive your skin and brighten up your complexion. Suited for all skin types, this treatment is sure to perk up even the dullest of skin.

Bespoke Facial
Bespoke Facial Treatment
IOMA, Tel: 6836 0945

This luxurious bespoke facial treatment is personalized to every individual’s skin diagnosis with the IOMA Sphere 2, a measuring device designed for a unique diagnosis of your skin. This bespoke facial specifically  aims at soothing your skin and providing you with a relaxing massage.

All-in-one Facial
Radium Signature Medispa Facial, $568 for 120 mins
Radium Medical Aesthetics, Tel:6837 0507

This five-step skin lifting and revival facial uses advanced skin treatments and facial instruments to give you the luminous and youthful skin that you desire. Not only does it do a deep cleanse of the skin, it also provides antioxidant protection from environmental damage.

Skin Hydrating Treatment
Tiera Evolution Series, $364 to $488 for 45 mins
NOVU Clinic, Tel: 6100 1234

This treatment alternates between treating and improving your skin over a period of a time to replenish volume in addition to targeting wrinkles and sagging skin, leaving you with a rejuvenated skin at the end of the series.

Detoxing Facial
Sensory Face Therapy, $415.16 for 120 mins
Jean Yip Beauty, Tel: 6353 5169

This facial not only removes the toxins that get embedded into your skin, but also uses a high-tech Transdermal Administrative system that ensures products are fully absorbed by the skin, leaving you with radiant skin with reduced appearance of pores and wrinkles.

Non-Invasive Facelift
HIFU Plus + Non-Invasive Facelift, $900 for 30 mins
Cambridge Therapeutics, Tel: 6733 6729

If you want to get your face contour back in shape but worried about going under the knife, this non-invasive, pain-free procedure is just for you. It specifically targets sagging skin along the jawline and drooping eyelids among others.

Instant Skin Fix
AFT Photo Rejuvenation Treatment, $450 for 75 mins
M&G Aesthetics Beauty Care, Tel: 6733 6742

True to its words, this treatment goes beyond the superficial layer of the skin to target the roots of the problems in the inner layers of the skin with a concentrated light therapy to give you immediate results

Best Facelifting Treatment
XEOMIN, price upon consultation.
LS Aesthetic Clinic, Tel: 6738 4700

Remove the frown lines between your eyes with this purified botulinum neurotoxin injection, giving you an enviable smooth smiling complexion.

Best Face Contouring Treatment
CACI Luxury Non-Surgical Face Lift, $267.50 for 90 mins
SWUK Aesthetics, Tel:6250 1326

This personal favourite of Jennifer Aniston, uses micro-current stimulation to mirror the body’s own natural electrical impulses to increase blood flow and protein synthesis to enrich your skin from the inside out.

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