Spa-Awards-2018-Eyelash-Extension-Natural-Signature-Black-Diamond-Classic-Eyelash-Extension-by-Dreamlash-Korea_FeaturedFrustrated with your short lashes? Fret no more. With the gorgeous Signature Black Diamond Classic Eyelash Extensions from Dreamlash Korea, these natural and fully customised lashes mean you can wake up looking beautiful every morning.

Understanding that every woman has a unique eye shape and there is no “one size ts all” design, this premium eyelash extension studio focuses on creating the perfect lash design for you using only the specialised single-strand lash technique that was developed in Korea.

Unlike the traditional strip lash and cluster lash, each strand is carefully planted with a safe distance from your lash line, so your natural lashes are still allowed to grow without hindrance.

This also prevents your own lashes from falling prematurely while ensuring complete comfort. Whether you like it natural, elegant or glamorous, the choice is yours. With Dreamlash Korea’s trusted artistry, go ahead and bat those eyelashes in style. From $88 (60 mins).

For intense volume, Dreamlash Korea’s Magic Volume Eyelash Extensions (from $168 for 90 mins) brighten up your eyes so they appear bigger instantly. With up to 1,000 strands of super- lightweight lashes placed on your lash line, you will be amazed at how quickly your look is transformed without any damage to your natural lashes.

Dreamlash Korea is located at: #B1-09A Citylink Mall, Tel: 6884 8019 #04-24 Compass One, Tel: 6386 5226. Email: Website:

A Dreamlash Korea special, created by The Singapore Women’s Weekly