Everyone knows that exercise is good for your health. It improves blood circulation, tones muscles, boosts endurance and increases strength. Exilis Skin Gym applies the same principles of a gym workout to your skin to lift, firm and sculpt the eye and brow areas.

This workout for your skin involves three key steps: Warm-Up, Cardio-Sculpt and Cool-Down. But the difference is that you are relaxing in bed while Moyem’s expert therapists (a.k.a. Personal Face Trainers) sweat it out!

Warm-Up starts the routine with a light stretch, detoxification and exfoliation to flush out toxins, activate cells and prime skin for optimum health. Cardio-Sculpt features the latest-generation Exilis Ultra 360 that sends carefully calibrated medical-grade monopolar radiofrequency energy into skin, boosting blood circulation and supercharging skin-toning collagen. Cool-Down completes the workout with a hydrating Antioxidant Blast. Meanwhile, microultrasound-based SkinFit therapy enhances lymphatic drainage to de-puff baggy lids, and amplifies the benefits of a customised cocktail of potent peptides and vitamins. Together they deliver vital post-workout nourishment for radiant, resilient skin. At $420* per area.

Get Clear, Youthful, Radiant Skin

Neova DNA Total Repair

This serum deals with environmental stresses which can damage skin and its DNA. It visibility reduces signs of photoageing, including fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Use twice daily to see dramatic results. Get it for $158* (30 ml).

Form | Matter YOUTH Total Age Corrector Serum

This age-defying gel-emulsion serum is fastabsorbing, lightweight and suitable for all skin types. With patented peptides and botanicals, it takes on a multi-dimensional approach to address premature ageing so that skin becomes firmer, smoother, and is shielded from damaging UV rays. Get it for $160* (30 ml).

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