Can’t bear the heat and humidity any longer? While we all wish we could always let our hair down without that sticky feeling, or having hair plastered to our necks and faces, we can’t change the weather. Here’s a simple way to beat the heat and still look chic – put your hair up in a ponytail!

In general…

When it comes to a ponytail, a good rule of thumb is drawing an invisible line from the corner of your eye, following the angle of your lower lash line up to the back of your head. The final point is how high you should tie your ponytail for the most flattering, slimming look. It makes your face look lifted as well.

Of course, that might not work for all face shapes, especially if the top half of your head is wider and you do nothing to balance that with your fringe. And sometimes, we simply want a less polished hairstyle to suit a casual ensemble.

For days when you simply want fuss-free hairdos or the most flattering ponytail for your face shape, here are some basic guidelines:

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If you’ve got an oval face shape, count yourself lucky. There’s a lot more room to play, with most hairstyles looking great on you. You can most definitely rock that slicked back pony; just avoid tying it too high up so your face doesn’t look too ‘stretched’.

 How To Wear The Best Ponytail Hairstyle For Your Face Shape


If your face is round, you’ll want a look that elongates your face. Avoid slicked back hair and try a hairdo that gives you more volume at the top. You can achieve that by teasing the hair around the crown to balance out the roundness of your face.  


With a stronger or more chiseled jawline, you want to leave soft tendrils of hair framing your face for balance, whatever height your ponytail may be. An overall softer look works well, and you can even try a low “messy” chignon with lots of loose ends to soften the angularity of your face.

How To Wear The Best Ponytail Hairstyle For Your Face Shape


If you’ve got a wide forehead and narrow chin, you want to tie your ponytail around mid-height, not so high that it emphasises the width of your head or so low that it makes your chin look narrower. Side bangs or a side part that sweeps over your forehead can balance out the proportions of your face.

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Text: Alyssa Dhaliwal, HerWorld Plus / Additional reporting: Elizabeth Liew
Photos: Showbit