After teaming up for Kingdom Season 2 (the characters met in the last episode of the hit zombie thriller), Gianna Jun (or Jun Ji-hyun) and Ju Ji-hoon will next appear together as the lead roles in the highly anticipated Korean drama series Jirisan. It is created by writer Kim Eun-hee, who is also behind Kingdom, and Goblin director Lee Eung-bok.

Image credit: iQiyi

The 16-episode iQiyi original suspense series has been confirmed to air in October, and is centred around the mysterious and perilous Mount Jiri, which is one of South Korea’s tallest mountains. Gianna Jun plays experienced and fearless national park ranger Seo Yi Kang, who teams up with rookie ranger Kang Hyun-Jo (Ju Ji-hoon) with a scarred past and a deep secret. Together, they uncover the secrets hidden in the mountain and risk their lives to save lost tourists.

Below’s a sneak preview of the show.