Korean star Rain and his wife, actress Kim Tae Hee, are known for being protective of their privacy. But on South Korea’s TV company MBC’s variety show “The Manager”, the singer offered a glimpse of the home that the pair share (they had a low-key wedding in 2017 and now have two daughters).

Appearing as a guest on the broadcast of the popular variety show on Feb 27, the Korean star revealed footage of the first floor of his home and his car for the first time on television, according to Korean entertainment website Soompi.

With his fit physique, we’re not surprised to see a large home gym, outfitted with plenty of exercise equipment (including Kim Tae Hee’s pilates equipment), as well as a TV, a sofa, and even a piano.

The space also doubles as a wine cellar and is also home to the couple’s trophy collection, including the awards that the pair have won over the years in the entertainment industry.

In a later part of the episode, Rain also shared about his penchant for combing the city for the best restaurants.

“In the past, I was so into finding the tastiest spots to eat that I even ate five meals in one day,” he revealed. (Source: Soompi)

When asked why his wife Kim Tae Hee didn’t come along, he responded, “We can’t go together. My wife and I have very different eating patterns. My wife is the type to be content with eating just about anything. She’s happy with eating just a bowl of soup. I, on the other hand, tend to eat a lot. I want to eat lots of different things: meat, fish, and so on.”

“I do occasionally take her out to eat,” he added, “at places that accept reservations. But the hotspots that I eat at don’t take reservations.”