Sharon Wong takes a photo in a Motherworks outlet
Motherswork has expanded from a pop-up store at Great World City in 1998 to five branches in Singapore and eight in China today.

Dream Of Your Passion
“You have to be really passionate about your business idea so you’ll have the resilience t
o see it through. A good business has legs – it grows and grows. It cannot be something to tide you over while you take care of your kids.”

Implement Your Idea
“If you find a product that you believe in and has good potential, find ways and means to contact the supplier or principal to import it in. I remember getting so excited about the Baby Jogger and that became one of the first baby products at Motherswork. Some people make it, others don’t. A lot of people don’t have the energy to do it.”

Be Sincere
“Don’t just talk business when you meet the suppliers. You have to sweet-talk them into buying your vision. Over the years, I’ve always invited my suppliers to Singapore to look at what Motherswork
has done and how we’ve grown, and they appreciate that.”