Farm owners at Green Circle Eco-Farm
Evelyn Eng and Lim Tian Soo of Green Circle Eco-Farm. (Photo: Jasper Yu)

Green Circle Eco-Farm
Green Circle is the passion project of retirees Evelyn Eng and Lim Tian Soo, an extension of the couple’s commitment towards sustainable living. The farm makes its own compost from plant waste, collects and distributes rainwater for irrigation, reuses discarded materials for plant support.

Green Circle provides a comprehensive range of vegetables. (Photo: Jasper Yu)


The farm produces a comprehensive range including vegetables, fruits, herbs and condiments. It also stocks imported organic products such as brown rice milk, pumpkin seed butter, and umeboshi (Japanese pickled plums). You can also purchase its fresh veggies via its e-store. You can also subscribe to a vegetables basket (from $30) and leave it to the shop to put together a mixed bag of the week’s best produce.

From $30. Visit

Green Nature Eco Farm
Thanks to the unique expertise that the two owners, Tian Jian Jie and Colleen Wu, have in construction and green wall landscaping, Green Nature forgoes the usual sprawling set-up in favour of a space-saving vertical farm in a greenhouse. A computerised system controls irrigation, humidity, light and temperature to ensure consistent, quality produce.

varieties of sprouts
Green Nature sells 10 varieties of sprouts, including wasabi sprouts, pine willow sprouts and wheatgrass. (Photo: Jasper Yu)

Green Nature is perhaps a sprouts specialist, selling 10 varieties including wasabi sprouts, pine willow sprouts, buckwheat sprouts and wheatgrass.

$10 delivery fee. Visit

Ah Hua Kelong
The 25-year-old owners Wong Jing Kai and Bryan Ang are an unlikely pair in the local fish-farming scene, but they have revolutionised the industry. Ah Hua Kelong is a pioneer in offering freshly caught seafood within a 12-hour harvest-to-delivery window. The duo take their promise of quality so seriously that every package even states the time of processing.

Varieties of live seafood sold at Ah Hua Kelong
Ah Hua Kelong farms live pearl grouper, sea bass, sweet clams and flower crabs. (Photo: Jasper Yu)

The day’s catch includes pearl grouper, sea bass, sweet clams, blood cockles as well as flower crabs, wild zebra mantis shrimp, gong gong and mussels.

$8 delivery fee. Visit

Sea Farmers @ Ubin
Did you know that Singapore has a live oyster farm too? Sea Farmers breeds about 300,000 oysters of various sizes on its floating farm off the northern edge of Pulau Ubin.

Fan-shaped Pacific are the speciality at Sea Farmers @ Ubin. (Photo: Jasper Yu)

Fan-shaped Pacific oysters are the speciality here. Imported as spats (baby oysters) from Australia and cultivated in local waters until they mature to about 8cm wide, Pacific oysters are considered to be sweeter compared to their briny Atlantic cousins.

Minimum order of 24 pieces. $15 delivery fee. Visit

Quan Fa Organic Farm
At Quan Fa, the heart of organic farming is quality compost. The farm even has its own Quan Fa Compost System, which cuts out chemical pesticides and fertilisers altogether; while recycling waste such as sawdust, rotten vegetables and fruit skins.

Standing at six hectares, Quan Fa is one of the largest organic farms in Singapore, and grows more than 40 types of vegetables, fruits, sprouts and herbs from baby sweet potato leaves and purple long beans to watermelons and dragon fruit. Quan Fa also imports produce such as kale, iceberg, lettuce, carrots and even barn eggs from New Zealang and green curry paste from Thailand.

$8 delivery fee. Visit

 Text: Mia Chenyze, Simply Her, February 2016 / Additional reporting: Sylvia Ong

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