couple walking in the park with husband holding onto the hand of another woman
A man who cheats with his helper is usually attracted to something he values – something he thinks you don’t have.

Do you suspect your husband is sleeping with the maid? You probably have many reasons to. Research shows that proximity plays a big role in attraction. And in this case, it can’t get any nearer than your own home. Living under one roof breeds familiarity and creates a sense of closeness. Living together may also means he’s unable to walk away from the attraction because he is faced with it whenever he is at home. If your husband is sleeping with the help, you’ll notice stark changes in both of them, in the way they treat you and your kids.

  1. He Undergoes A Sudden And Drastic Makeover
    These could be changes in the way he dresses, grooming habits and personal hygiene.
  2. His Attitude Towards You Changes
    Either he becomes very affectionate for no apparent reason or he becomes extremely distant.
  3. He Asks For More Or Less Sex
    There’s likely a change in the frequency or quality of bedroom activity.
  4. He Spends More Time Around The Helper
    For example, he offers to take the kids and her to the movies and goes grocery shopping with her.
  5. He Defends The Helper
    He speaks up for her whenever you complain or raise an issue about her.
  6. Your Helper Has A Makeover
    There’s a sudden, drastic change in the way your helper dresses, her hairdo and make-up.
  7. She Becomes Rude To You
    For example, she may develop a sense of entitlement, starts to disrespect you, or becomes less diligent in her job.
  8. She Behaves Too-Familiar
    She makes too-friendly interactions with your husband.

Text: Sasha Gonzales, Simply Her, January 2015 / Additional Reporting: Sylvia Ong
Photo: 123RF


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