10 Christmas Gift Ideas For The New Mom

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Christmas is coming soon, and it’s best to get a head start on all your shopping before the crowds come in — after all, the sales are already here. When it comes to the new mom or young mom in your life, you may be racking your brain. After all, what do you get someone who seems like she already has everything?

The old adage ‘it’s the thought that counts’ may well work here, because finding the right thoughtful gift could really brighten her day and show your appreciation for the incredible work she’s doing. Here, we present a mix of experiences, personalised and physical gifts to make her Christmas extra special.

A spa voucher for a much-needed escape

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New mummies are particularly busy and often sleep-deprived, exhausted creatures. To show your new mom that you appreciate her seemingly thankless work, consider treating her to a relaxing massage or spa day where she can unwind, rejuvenate, and enjoy a break from the unending demands of motherhood. You can purchase vouchers directly from hotel spas or day spas, but Giftano.com is an easy place to browse varied options at once, and online gifting is always more convenient for everyone involved. 


Comfy yet luxe loungewear 

Bells and Birds
Credit: Bells and Birds

Soft, cosy loungewear is another thoughtful and practical gift for helping her to relax in, whether it’s pyjamas, a robe, or comfy shorts. Depending on her personal style, taste and preference, she may like lacy robes or silk sleepwear, comfortable cotton or feminine floral pyjama sets. Bells and Birds, a whimsical local label with a flagship store located in Raffles Hotel, carries a large selection covering all of those options, so that’s a good place to start. You can also check out other local brands Perk by Kate for sexier pieces, or Sleebbee for more comfy bamboo shorts sets. 


Personalised jewellery that makes her feel beautiful

The Mindful Company
Credit: The Mindful Company

How about a personalised necklace or bracelet with her baby’s initials or birthstone for a sentimental and cherished gift? The Mindful Company offers beautiful delicate bracelets like this pearl one which you can engrave with something personally meaningful — be it her name or baby’s name, birthdate or a simple word of encouragement. Arva.co also offers similar engraved bracelets and necklaces, while Love Hesed even lets you put photos in charm bracelets or engravable lockets.  These are all local companies so shipping is quick and inexpensive. If you’re up for splurging on something really special, we recommend homegrown bespoke fine jeweller Calla Lily for a truly memorable gift.  


A memory book to capture precious moments

VistaPrint Singapore
Credit: VistaPrint Singapore

Give her a beautifully crafted memory book to capture the precious moments and milestones in her baby’s life. If you’re a crafty person, you may enjoy making your own memory book from scratch, but for the rest of us, print platforms offering easily personalised photobooks online are a godsend. The finished product also looks more polished and professional, albeit lacking in “personal touch”. There are many online photobook providers these days, but you may feel safer going with reputable names like VistaPrint or Photobook Singapore. While you’re there, you can also make customised calendars, cups, caps, tees and more!


Photoshoot session for building memories

The Love Studios
Credit: The Love Studios

This is another popular one: arranging a professional family photoshoot for her so that her growing family can create lasting memories with their new bundle of joy. The Love Studios offers a 45-minute Lumière family package with prices starting from $400 at their understated luxe studio set in Kallang. Studio Kinu and Smittenpixels Co. also offer similar packages, either on meticulously styled sets or outdoors, even at home. Since photography styles and aesthetic preferences are so varied, you may also wish to consider more “indie” photographers like ISSH Collective or The Beautiful Life.   


Mummy and Me classes for quality time with her baby

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If she’s a sociable and active mom (or would like to be), consider enrolling her in a Mummy and Me class, where she can bond with the baby while connecting with other moms. Muckypups is a great option, beloved by many moms and a positively delightful time for babies and toddlers. Interactive classes feature songs, stories, games, bubbles, art, sensory play and messy play—depending on the child’s age. There is also a Mandarin version for toddlers. Considering her interests and leanings, you could also look at Inspire Mum & Baby for swimming and yoga lessons, or Our Music Studio for music and movement classes—which cater for babies as young as newborns!    


Fitness classes to help her feel good

Credit: SureClean

If she doesn’t have a helper or regular cleaner, having to keep the house clean on top of caring for a baby can be extremely taxing for a new mum. A clean home can be a great stress reliever, so gifting her with a few professional cleaning sessions will surely make her day. SureClean, an award-winning local cleaning company, is so good at their job that they even offer a “Happiness Guarantee”! General home cleaning prices start from $22 an hour. Helpling and Urban Company are other easy-to-use platforms that provide similar house cleaning services. 


Meal kit subscription for convenience

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Similarly, for new mums or young mums without domestic help, making daily meals can be a real challenge when she has to take care of an infant. Getting her a meal kit subscription will make mealtimes easier, so she can enjoy delicious, healthy dinners without too much effort. Prepped offers a great service where they’ll deliver washed, chopped and pre-portioned ingredients straight to her door to save her the time and effort otherwise needed for food preparation. Meals In Minutes SG provides a similar service and offers gift card purchases which would make gifting even simpler for you. 


Your personal help!

Your personal help!
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Finally, think handmade babysitting vouchers or home-cooked meal vouchers. While DIY love coupons may seem overly cute or contrived, for someone who really needs help, these will be very much welcomed! Give her the most precious gift of time with your trusted babysitting or baby care services, or offer to prepare homemade, freezer-friendly meals to make her life just a little easier. She will love you more for it!