Clever Ways To Make Life Easier For Tired, Busy Mums

From at-home spa treatments to an online tutoring service, these businesses are run by mums, for mums

Motherhood is never easy, but it can be made more enjoyable with a bit of extra help. In fact, the following four Singapore services are all helmed by incredible mothers themselves who came up with creative solutions for stressed out mums. Find out what these services are and the women behind these incredibly useful ideas:

1. Leela Pass

These Useful Local Services Are Great For Busy Women And Mums

“Leela” is Sanskrit for “play” and the site is an online platform for parents to source for and book activities for kids under three years old, from music and movement, to arts and crafts. It was founded by mum-of-two Casie Millhouse-Singh, 34.

“Friends ask me where to take their kids because I know about activities first!”
– Casie

It started when Casie was an energetic two-year-old, jumping on the furniture at home. Exasperated, her mum took her to a gymnastics class and their home was soon filled with medals and trophies. When Casie moved to Singapore in 2010, she wanted the same active outlet for her own children but says: “There didn’t appear to be one single source to find activity classes, or fees, easily.”

Her solution was to launch Leela Pass.

With experience in blogging, coding and building websites under her belt, and the voluntary help of three web developers, Casie’s focus is on cultivating community and partnerships on the site. She sources for local providers who pay for a page where they can list classes and take bookings, and she also works on events to bring Leela Pass to life. Casie typically collaborates with clients that offer family classes, such as yoga in the park.

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Her benchmarks for a winning idea are her children. “They’re my guides. It’s important I take their opinions on board,” she says. “Parents should bond through their children’s early life experiences.”