Denise Keller has welcomed a baby girl.

The celebrity host, yoga instructor and former MTV Asia VJ took to Instagram to share a reel of her labour process, including a snapshot of her contractions, and when she finally held her precious bundle in her arms.

The 40-year-old first revealed her pregnancy in November last year. She is married to Robert Gaxiola, 51, director of creative and content of digital content studio Something Else. They’re also the founders of content production house, KellerMedia.

Throughout her pregnancy, she has also actively shared snippets of her journey on social media, from the gender reveal in February, to yoga stretches that helped with her pregnancy. She also let on that she had decided to hire a doula. “No matter what your plan is—a home water birth, a hospital birth with an epidural, an unmedicated hospital birth, a planned cesarean, or otherwise—a professional doula can provide you with one-on-one personalized care during this transformative experience,” she shared. “Doulas not only help you move through labor; they also provide critical support and guidance through those pivotal first hours with your baby.”

Congrats to Denise and Robert!

Lead image credit: Denise Keller/Instagram