Is It Okay To Date A Colleague? People Who’ve Done It Spill The Beans

Here’s the thing – you can’t help who you fall in love with, but you can decide whether or not to act on it. If you work with plenty of members of the opposite sex, there’s no doubt a little fantasy of an office romance has passed through your mind. 


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While the instinctive reaction to an office crush for most is to ignore and deny, there are quite a few stories that prove the fantasy could be worth the risk. And we’re not just talking about TV shows like the hit Korean drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?.

A survey found that couples who meet through work (as opposed to online or in a bar) are most likely to marry. Barack and Michelle Obama are one such example. They met when Michelle was assigned as a mentor to Barack, while the pair were working at a Chicago law firm back in 1989.

A few people who have been part of an office relationship have generously shared their stories online, lest we all learn from them before taking the plunge.