Just a day before making her first public appearance since announcing her split from lawyer Richard Chang on Facebook, reports from Chinese media alleged that Taiwanese popstar, Selina Jen and her estranged beau were experiencing months of sexless marriage.

In 2010, Selina suffered third degree burns while filming on-set and spent months recovering. Despite how she continued to speak lovingly of her husband after the accident, it seems, it wasn’t enough save her four-year marriage.

Sex-Less Marriage Hand Holding
Clear communication lines play a pivotal role in keeping a marriage happy and healthy.

While this might seem like an isolated incident, food and tv personality Padma Lakshmi revealed in an interview that a sexless marriage had led to arguments between her and novelist Salman Rushdie. The rift between them grew while Padma was recovering from severe endometriosis surgery and the couple eventually ended their three-year marriage. Padma then went on to admit that Salman had thought of her as being a “bad investment”.

So does a sexless marriage really mean the end of the road for couples? Experts say that there are several ways you can salvage it.

Psychotherapist and author Tina Tessina, Ph.D says that, while it’s common for spouses to have varying levels of sexual desire, communication is key. If you’re the one who’s unsatisfied, talk about it compassionately. “Don’t complain about it, go for the sweetness instead. Say, ‘We haven’t had sex in a while, and I miss you,'” Tina suggests.

Clinical sexologist, Judith Steinhart stressed that, “It’s important to keep an open dialogue with your partner and continue to connect on other levels and make sure both of you are truly content with the relationship.”

However, if the couple is fine with the no-sex arrangement, it’s not a problem either. “If a couple is OK with their pattern, whether it’s infrequent or not at all there isn’t a problem,” she adds.

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