True Story: “I Cooked And Ate My Placentas”

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It was really chewy, had a texture similar to a “soggy mushroom”, and went quite well with soya sauce and sesame oil, mother-of-twins Aileen Lee says. If you hadn’t known, you’d have thought that the 37-year-old property agent, whose twins are four years old, was describing a dish (stewed venison or beef, perhaps?) she had for dinner last night.

Actually, Aileen was talking about her placentas – each the size of a palm – which she had boiled and eaten with her favourite sauce over three days after her delivery. Not one to be squeamish about blood and gore, she had decided to consume her placenta after reading about its benefits. “How could my own meat be harmful to me? My boys obtained nourishment through (the placentas) for nine months,” she says. “I’m a practical person and won’t do something without knowing anything about it. I read the placenta is nutritious and that many mammals consume theirs after delivery. Well, the only thing I hadn’t foreseen and planned for was having twins.”

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