A parents' guide to the perfect Nintendo Switch games for kids and teens (2023)

Navigating the world of video games for your children can sometimes feel like uncharted territory. 

With the array of games available on Nintendo Switch, how can you ensure the ones your kids are playing are both age-appropriate and engaging? This guide will help take the guesswork out of game selection, with a curated list of our favourite entertaining and suitable games for your little gamers.

But first, the Nintendo Switch console. 

If you already have one, great! If not, here are some Nintendo Switch consoles that are currently on sale right now: 

Best Nintendo Switch consoles in Singapore 2023 that are on sale right now

[CHEAPEST!] Nintendo Switch Lite Console, $248

Gaming on the go? Need to entertain the kids while on holiday? The Nintendo Switch Lite handheld console offers a compact and lightweight design, 5.5-inch touch screen and long battery life. Access Nintendo’s extensive game library in handheld mode for hours of fun. 

Nintendo Switch Lite Console
$309 20% off


[MOST VALUE FOR MONEY] Nintendo Switch OLED (Animal Crossing Edition), $391

Are you or your kids big fans of Animal Crossing? Check out this special edition Nintendo Switch, themed after the popular game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

Decorated with adorable characters and iconic symbols from the game, this console is a real treat for fans and a wonderful collector’s item. It has all the cool features that come with a regular Nintendo Switch, and it works perfectly with all the standard accessories. 

Nintendo Switch OLED (Animal Crossing Edition)
$529.90 26% off


Nintendo Switch Console (Extended Battery Life), $439.27

This amazing Nintendo Switch console promises long-lasting gaming fun with a battery life that can last from 4.5 to 9 hours. 

Perfect for family gaming time, its versatile design lets you play in multiple modes – on your TV, handheld, or set up on a tabletop. 

The Nintendo Switch package includes a pair of Joy-Con controllers, designed with motion-sensing features to make games more interactive and immersive. Plus, it comes with a Nintendo Switch dock, making it a breeze to connect the console to your TV for big-screen fun. 

Nintendo Switch Console (Extended Battery Life)
$439.27 $499 12% off

Nintendo Switch OLED Console with Joycon, $416.90

Get ready for a brighter, more vibrant gaming experience with the Nintendo Switch’s 7-inch OLED screen. This screen brings all your games to life with stunning colours and clear details, especially when you’re playing on-the-go.

This Nintendo Switch also has a wide, adjustable stand, perfect for setting up on a tabletop for games with the family. You can tilt it to just the right angle for the best view, and it’s sturdy enough to stay put while you play.

The Nintendo Switch comes with a built-in wired LAN port in the dock, making it easy to connect and join the online fun on your TV. 

Plus, with 64 GB of internal storage, you’ll have plenty of space to save all your favourite games right on the system. And you’ll love the enhanced audio from the system’s speakers, making your games sound as good as they look.

But the best thing about the Nintendo Switch? It’s designed to fit your lifestyle. You can use it as a home console, or take it with you as a portable system.

Nintendo Switch OLED Console with Joycon
$416.90 $549 24% off

P.S/ this console is also available in white for $419

Best Nintendo Switch games for kids and teens in Singapore 2023 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, $59.70

Rating: E for Everyone

If you’re considering which Nintendo Switch game to purchase first, I highly recommend Animal Crossing.

From personal experience, I can confidently say I’ve been completely hooked on Animal Crossing. As an adult in my 20s, I assure you that this game is perfect for everyone, regardless of age.

In Animal Crossing, players are given the creative freedom to design and manage their very own island paradise. You can interact with lovable animal inhabitants and even visit your friends’ islands. Plus, there’s a range of calming activities you can engage in, like gardening, fishing, and snorkelling, adding to the relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Super Mario Odyssey, $65.90

Rating: E for Everyone

When it comes to Nintendo Switch games for kids, the adventures of Mario cannot be left out. Super Mario Odyssey leads the pack in 2023 with its delightful characters, imaginative landscapes, and engaging gameplay. This E-rated game offers a safe and fun environment where your kids can explore, solve puzzles, and have a blast.

Super Mario Odyssey
$65.90 $69.90 6% off

Luigi’s Mansion 3, $59.90

Rating: E for Everyone

Despite its ghostly premise, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is one of the best Nintendo Switch games for kids that encourages critical thinking and problem-solving. This game invites players to navigate Luigi through a maze of puzzles and friendly ghost battles to save his friends. The cooperative multiplayer option is also great for sibling gameplay, promoting teamwork and communication.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Splatoon 2, $62.90

Rating: E10+ (Everyone, 10 and Older)

For kids a bit older, Splatoon 2 stands out as a top Nintendo Switch game in 2023. 

This game offers a unique spin on the action shooter genre. Players control fun, squid-like characters and compete to cover the most territory with their team’s ink colour. Its cartoonish graphics, combined with strategic gameplay, make it suitable and engaging for children aged 10 and up.

Splatoon 2
$69.90 10% off

Nintendo Switch Sports, $56.80

Rating: E for Everyone

An excellent choice for active, sports-loving kids is Nintendo Switch Sports. Evoking memories of the popular Wii Sports, this game brings a variety of sports to the virtual world, including tennis, bowling, and baseball, among others.

Each game leverages the unique Joy-Con controller’s motion-sensing capabilities, providing an immersive, physically engaging gaming experience. It encourages movement, coordination, and friendly competition. Rated E for Everyone, Nintendo Switch Sports is suitable and enjoyable for the whole family.

Nintendo Switch Sports

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, $59.90

Rating: E for Everyone

If your child is a fan of fast-paced, thrilling gameplay, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of the top racing Nintendo Switch games for kids. Players can select their favourite characters from the Mario universe and compete in exciting races on creatively designed courses. The game also offers a multiplayer option, making it perfect for family game nights or playdates with friends.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Best Nintendo Switch controllers in Singapore 2023 

Games are always more enjoyable when you’re playing with friends and family. Consider getting more Nintendo Switch controllers so that everyone can join in the fun. 

Allone Nintendo Switch Controllers (Set of 2), $83.64

Allone, a Japanese brand known for their top-notch gaming and mobile accessories, has crafted Nintendo Switch controllers perfect for those with smaller hands. They’re an ideal fit for children and women, ensuring comfort during those exciting gaming sessions.

These wireless controllers aren’t just about the perfect fit, they’re also packed with features. 

They come with gyro and acceleration sensors for precise and responsive gameplay. Plus, they boast a fast-charging feature that gets you ready to play in just two hours and provides up to 13 hours of playtime. That means your family’s gaming fun can go on and on!

Allone Nintendo Switch Controllers (Set of 2)

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller (Set of 2), $98.90

It’s time to add a pop of colour to your gaming sessions. 

Neon coloured Joy-Cons for your Nintendo Switch are currently on sale. Whether you’re looking for replacements or want to enable more family members and friends to join in on the fun, this is the perfect time to get your hands on them. 

They’re also available in vibrant colour combinations like Neon Green/Neon Pink and Neon Purple/Neon Orange

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller (Set of 2)
$124.90 21% off

Where to find the best Nintendo Switch console, gaming and accessory deals in Singapore 2023

Looking for a great deal on Nintendo Switch consoles, games, and accessories these days? It’s easier than you might think. You can often find savings averaging up to 20% off across these categories, making it more affordable to add to your family’s gaming collection.

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