Singapore actress Constance Song, 45, is now a mother of two.

In an Instagram post on March 9, 2021, she shared a picture of her baby’s hand, and only revealed the baby’s name to be El.

Just days before, she also took to the social media platform with a photo of her baby bump, with a heartwarming message to her unborn daughter. She also shared that she experienced no morning sickness, and there were no hard punches or kicks from the baby.

While being pregnant at 45 is considered high-risk, the Tanglin (2015 – 2018) actress told The Straits Times last December that she “had a smooth-sailing time so far with minimal discomfort.

She has another daughter, Olethea, who is four years old this year. Her first pregnancy with Olethea came as a surprise back in 2017 when the actress revealed the birth of her first child as her romantic life had been kept under wraps.

The fiercely private celebrity has also never divulged the identity of the father of her kids.