Soft and dimpled? Yes! Itchy and irritated? No!

We’re talking about bums, of course, specifically baby bums, which are sensitive and prone to itch and irritation when exposed to dampness and humidity for long periods of time. No mummy wants that for their precious bub!

Diapers actually get weighed down from too much moisture and become stuffy and less breathable after a baby wets himself. So, when the sun comes out to play that means parents have to be extra careful to combat all that extra moisture.

Many parents tend to overlook the importance of choosing the right diaper that is lightweight but also absorbent enough to wick away moisture away from baby’s bottom, keeping them cool and comfy throughout the day and night.

Enter Pampers Baby Dry, a trusted brand that mums already love. It now comes in an upgraded version that’s even more breathable and dry.

A happy baby is a dry and comfortable baby but it can be hard to keep your little ones free from heat and diaper rash when the weather gets too hot and humid, which can then impede baby’s movement and play, making them extra cranky and you exhausted.

The main problem with many diapers on the market is that while they are designed to wick moisture away, they may not necessarily keep air circulation in mind but in tropical climates like ours, breathability is more important than ever.

Thankfully, the latest Pampers Baby Dry upgrade has a Wind Ventilation Line built into its diapers, allowing air to move freely through the diaper’s fabric even when wet. This prevents heat from getting trapped and actually protects your baby’s skin because a sweaty bottom is more likely to develop diaper rash.

Here are some other reasons why the improved Pampers Baby Dry is a good pick when it comes to diapering in hot weather:

Superior Fit

Pampers has an S-curve seam (circled in the image above) that is custom-fit to a baby’s body shape. There are also leak-guards to ensure baby stays dry even when he’s actively moving. The new Baby Dry upgrade also features less bunching and folding between baby’s legs.

Soft & Gentle to Skin

A soft top sheet infused with lotion gently envelops your baby’s skin every time they put on a Pampers diaper. This also helps to prevent the incidence of skin rashes by providing a soothing barrier between diaper and baby.

Quick Absorbency & Skin Dryness

Enjoy up to 12 hours of skin dryness with Pampers ‘magical channels’, a breakthrough technology that evenly distributes and quickly absorbs any wetness. This helps minimise sag so baby can move easily while playing.

We decided to try out the upgraded Pampers Baby Dry for ourselves to find out if it really was the reliable diaper that it claims to be.

How? By carrying out a wetness test to measure its absorbency against other popular nappy brands. Here were the results:

While you can clearly see leftover liquid after blotting from Brand A and Brand C, Brand B – which was the latest Pampers Baby Dry upgrade – showed no leftover liquid.

We also wanted to check Pampers’ breathability claims by placing a cup over a wet diaper to check if it allows hot air to be released and our test was successful as well:

The classic choice for many parents, it’s likely that you or someone you know has bought Pampers for your kids at some point in your life. You’d be in great company because Pampers is the top diaper choice of moms and maternity hospitals in Japan for the 10th year running!

Pampers Baby Dry comes in both Taped and Pants versions; alongside the Pampers Premium Care range that also offers both varieties. Get them today at competitive prices on Lazada where there are always ongoing deals to keep your baby happy and dry.

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