What’s better than opening your freezer and taking out a pint of ice cream? The pleasure of opening up a pint and finishing it without any premeditation is truly like no other.

Ice Cream As It Should Be

One of the newest ranges of premium ice creams to hit the shelves is from the award-winning Bulla Murray St. Ice Creamery. Australian dairy company, Bulla, started in 1910 and has been creating ice creams since 1929. These ice creams are made with fresh Australian milk and cream, as well as free-range egg yolks.

What’s more, Bulla uses a traditional ice-cream production process inherited over 90 years, so you know that this dairy powerhouse has the know-how and expertise when it comes to ice-cream creations.

Bulla Murray St. Ice Creamery ice cream sticks

In the Murray St. range, you’ll find three smooth and creamy flavours in pints and on sticks: Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Almonds, Caramel Maple and Macadamias, and Caramelised Peanut Brittle.

Each of these three flavours won an award at the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales (RAS) annual 2020 Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Competition.

Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Almonds

A vanilla ice cream made with smooth Madagascan vanilla beans, and it contains almond pieces coated in premium milk chocolate.

Caramel Maple and Macadamias

A velvety smooth caramel-flavoured ice cream with swirls of maple syrup and pieces of macadamia nuts.

Caramelised Peanut Brittle

An indulgent concoction of rich chocolate and caramel-flavoured ice cream with of caramel-covered peanut pieces.

Get The Scoop

Together with these mini reviewers with big appetites, we reviewed these three ice cream flavours. Also, in the video, you’ll find an easy ice cream cake recipe that anyone can make.

Real Life Review:

Ice Creams by Bulla Murray St. Ice Creamery

Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Almonds

Caramel Maple and Macadamias

Caramelised Peanut Brittle

3 Must-Know Facts:
  1. Ingredients: Crafted ice cream made with fresh Australian milk, cream and free-range egg yolk.
  2. Craftsmanship: Artfully crafted with traditional production process inherited by six generations to ensure the smooth texture and rich flavour.
  3. Flavours: The flavours are rich and unique in the markets with generous servings of premium chunky ingredients.
Overall Review:

The three ice creams are undeniably creamy and just sufficiently sweet. With chocolate-covered almond pieces, the Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Almonds ice cream offers the perfectly balanced flavor. You’ll find a vanilla flavor that is fragrant and doesn’t overwhelm.

When you imagine the taste of an ice cream with caramel flavor, maple syrup and macadamia nuts, you may think that it’s going to be overly sweet. However, in the case of this Caramel Maple and Macadamias ice cream, you’ll find a delightful burnt caramel flavor. Combined with maple syrup and macadamias, this gives you multiple layers of flavor that would inspire songs.

If you love a richer, more intense flavor, go for the Caramelised Peanut Brittle. With swirls of milk chocolate, caramel ice creams, and perhaps, ice-cream wizardry, this has a unique flavor that could only be defined as smoky. The caramel-covered peanuts add a tasty crunch and sweetness.

Bulla Murray St. Ice Creamery ice creams are available at selected FairPrice and Cold Storage outlets.

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